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Bringing virtual reality to food



In addition to being a source of pleasure and enjoyment, food is a fundamental component of our health and well-being. However, a large number of people have limited food choices due to health risks and dietary restrictions, depriving them of flavours that they may otherwise enjoy.

Ksshiraja is one such person, who is allergic to more than 60 foods due to eczema. Inspired by her situation, we came up with Electreat, a device used to modify the taste of food without altering its chemical constituents. Electreat, shaped in the form of an eating utensil, uses electrical charges to simulate different tastes in the mouth by interacting with the taste nodes and olfactory senses. This will allow users to enjoy the taste of a larger variety of foods while adhering to the limits of their ailment.

Our primary goal is to make this device for her, but would like to extend this project to other people facing the same challenge. We are also eager to find other applications for it, such as for weight loss programs, people with a diminished sense of taste and other health restrictions.

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Smart solutions are at the core of Electreat. It is a spoon-shaped device designed with dietary restrictions in mind. It uses pulse width modulation to stimulate different tastes in the mouth, altering the taste of food eaten with the spoon, but retaining the original chemical constituents of the food. Electreat uses a Seeeduino microcontroller and a Peltier module to stimulate the tastes.

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Brainstorm Team Meeting

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